5 Reasons Why You Should Become a CPA and Start a Career in Accounting

If you are a thinking of studying to have a career as a CPA, you should think about why you want to become a CPA. It’s hard. At some point in your CPA journey you will second guess yourself. Trust me when I say that the rewards way outweigh the difficulties. It’s astoundingly worth all of your effort.

To take a peek of where it can lead you, here are some of the things that would make you think of choosing a CPA career as a great decision.

Why is Becoming a CPA Worth it?

#1 CPA Career Options

There are several career paths that a CPA can choose from. You need not struggle to work on big companies to be able to reach your goal and succeed.  You may choose a career in relation to different fields of interest like Forensic Accounting and Information Technology Accounting. Forensic accounting is getting in demand for criminal cases and recent scandals surrounding big business and even government offices. Considering the wide scope of accounting needs for firms both locally and internationally, you will never lose a place to work for. You may also take an accountancy teaching career if you opt to.

#2 Respect

There is more respect to people who acquired a CPA degree. People tend to look into this job with dignity and responsibility. Employers often see accountants with commitment and dedication for their tasks. Because of these, you earn high respects and the satisfaction of being well defined within the community.

#3 In Demand Jobs and Careers

In the recent worldwide e-commerce reports, it is implied that there is a greater demand for CPA licensed professional than most of career options. In the verge of rising corporate scandals, there is a struggle on the part of the administration to work out and maintain financial security and administrative credibility in the sight of their clients and business partners. Because of these, there is a professional regulatory act – 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley that imposes rigorous accounting standards upon public corporations. This pushes increased needs for professional accountants.

#4 Higher Salary – More Promotions and Raises

The salary of a CPA career is automatically higher than a regular accountant. Studies show that a CPA can earn 10% more salary (on an average) than a regular accountant. And the more and longer experience you have, the higher the salary you will acquire and you will greatly be compensated. So acquiring and working for your CPA degree will definitely bring you more rewards.

#5 Career Security

Taking up a CPA gives you career security. Accounting trends show no signs of slowing down. The shortages are made up of several factors. First, there are few students who are interested in the accounting field as they crowd themselves to the internet technology and e-marketing. There is also greater need to replace accounting teachers as they have been reaching retirement age and there are less accounting professionals to replace them. These major reasons outpaced the number of slots that is needed to be filled by growing number of companies and universities that require them.

After reading this article and reflecting all these reasons to mind, there is definitely no doubt that a CPA career is very promising.

Start Your Career Today!

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