best-cpa-review-coursesStudying for the CPA exam is difficult enough as it is. It’s even harder when you don’t have the best CPA review course. See, finding the right study guide will not only help you pass the exam, but it will help you become a CPA waaay faster.

Too many people struggle during their CPA study process because their review course gets in the way. Instead of helping them learn faster and retain more information, it ends up putting them to sleep and forces them to study tens of extra hours each section. That’s crazy.

You need a CPA study guide that matches your learning style and works with you instead of against you. For example, if you are an auditory learner, you benefit most from the top-rated CPA prep courses that include a ton of lectures. Likewise, if you are a visual learner, you will benefit most from study materials that include video lectures and instructors doing examples right in front of you. Finding a guide that fits you, is the most important thing.

Keep in mind that best doesn’t always mean the most well known. Don’t believe all the hype from big companies like Becker CPA review. They might have a big name, but their course might not be that great for you. It might work for some, but the price definitely doesn’t work for everyone.

So, how do you know which one is right for your studying process? Read my reviews. That’s why I’m here. I’ve used every set of CPA study materials on the market today and I can tell you that they all have different pros and cons. Some work better for auditory learners while others work better for visual learners. There are also better courses for international candidates and candidates who have been out of college for a long time.

Here are the most popular CPA prep courses out there. Read my reviews and decide which one will help you pass the CPA exam and become a CPA the fastest.

Here are the Top-Rated CPA Study Materials and CPA Review Prep Courses on the market:

  • Surgent CPA Review
  • Yaeger CPA Review
  • Wiley CPAexcel Review
  • Gleim CPA Review
  • Roger CPA Review
  • Fast Forward Academy
  • Becker CPA Review
  • ExamMatrix CPA Review
  • Ninja CPA Review

What is the Greatest CPA Review Course?

2017’s Top 5 Best CPA Review Courses Compared

CPA Review CoursesBest Attribute
Surgent CPA ReviewBest Value
Wiley CPAexcelShort Lessons
Roger CPA ReviewBest CPA Lectures
Yaeger CPA ReviewBest Student Support
Gleim CPA ReviewMost Detailed